Grooming Rates

Full Service Grooming

Call for pricing for your specific breed. (Includes bath, blowout, blueberry facial, ears, nails and anal glands at your request). Prices vary depending on size and breed.

Begins at --------------------------------------------------------- $55.00+

Bath and Blowout

Call for pricing for your specific breed. (Includes nails, ears, and anal glands upon request).  Prices vary depending on size and breed.

Begins at --------------------------------------------------------- $30.00+

Wash and Go

Just a wash no other services included. Call for pricing. Prices can vary by size and breed.

Begins at --------------------------------------------------------- $25.00+

Add on Services: De-matting or De-shedding $5.00 – $25.00.  De-shedding and De-matting is extra after the standard services. Additional time will be charged $5 for every 15 minutes additional.

Ala Cart Services

Nail Trims -------------------------------------------------------- $15.00

Dremel --------------------------------------------------------- $20.00

Anal Glands ----------------------------------------------------- $10.00

Teeth Brushing ------------------------------------------------- $10.00

Add on Services

Blueberry Facial ------------------------------------------------ $5.00

Dead Sea Conditioner-----------------------------------------$10.00

Pad Treatment -------------------------------------------------- $5.00

Sanitary Trim -----------------------------------------------------$10.00

Pad Trim ----------------------------------------------------------- $10.00

Face Trim ---------------------------------------------- $10.00 - $15.00
Good for in between hair cuts.

Self Wash

Includes shampoo, leave in conditioner, towel, blow dryer and ear cleaner. Welcome to bring your own shampoo too! Flea shampoo, bluing shampoo are not extra.

Basic Wash ------------------------------------------------------- $17.00

Cats ----------------------------------------------------------------- $17.00

(Quiet time is best for cats) Premium Shampoos are not extra and dryer included. Just request (Flea, tar, bluing, etc).

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Office Hours

​**Last self wash 30 minutes before close. Modified COVID hours are 9am to 3pm Monday thru Sunday. Self Wash by appoint. only and 30 min. time slot.




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